• The Celtic Isles shop at 190 Littleton Rd is now closed

  • We are still offering kilt rentals for individuals and groups from a home base

  • We continue to attend the Maine and New Hampshire Highland Games and Festivals and offer a full range of products

  • Telephone 978 857 1781 or email terryfoster@inakilt.com for arrangement or information on kilt rentals

Kilt Rentals

Our outfits are of the best quality made in Scotland. We offer Black Watch and Royal Stewart tartan kilts. We also offer both Prince Charlie and Argyle jackets, a five button vest is included with the Argyle jacket. The accessories we provide  are belt & buckle, sporran, kilt pin, flashes, sgian dubh, and tie (bow or regular). We do not include shirt, shoes, or hose. We advise customers to wear a white dress shirt, black dress shoes, and kilt hose can be purchased from us.

Full Outfit (kilt, jacket, accessories) $99
Kilt Only $39
Jacket Only $39